Ingredients you can pronounce

Beehold Skin Care was created with the basics in mind. There are already plenty of lotions and potions on the supermarket shelves, including many labelled "natural". On closer inspection of the ingredients of many of these products, though, there are most often fillers in them such as water, citric acid, emulsifiers, alcohols and gums.Our ingredients lists are short and easy to pronounce - such as beeswax, olive oil, coconut oil, arrowroot, bentonite clay, glycerine and essential oils. Google any of these ingredients and you'll see why our body butter, deodorant, lip balm, pomade and soap are so beneficial to your skin.Please note that essential oils are used for their various properties. Please patch test before use, and please contact us before you make your purchase if you have any known allergies.



Artisan and founder
Beehold Skin Care Australia

Crystal Charles