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How to use

The method is in the name - Beehold.  Put simply, you fold the wraps around food items you wish to cover and hold the edges with your hands to warm it thus creating a seal.  The coating of the wraps makes them stick to themselves or any hard, non-pourous objects (ceramics, glass, steel, sealed wood, polished stone) just by holding them. So you can store meals or dips in their serving bowl, wrap around fruit, vegetables or cheese or also use them to make a bag or pouch.

To make a bag: Fold a wrap in half, and fold the edges over twice and hold until sealed. Fill and close by folding the top. Alternatively, use two of the same sized wraps, folding three edges over to make an envelope. Fill and then fold over the top of the bag. Because it's airtight you can use this method to‍‍ store anything from salad leaves to grapes or mushrooms in the fridge. This is also a great way to carry snacks.

Wrapping sandwiches: Using a large wrap, place the sandwich on the centre of the wrap. Fold two opposite edges up over the top, hold the edges together then roll them down until the wrap is firm around the sandwich. Fold the other sides underneath and hold until sealed.


Care for yo‍‍‍ur wraps

Your wraps can be used time and again for many months if you care for them thoughtfully.

Always hand wash your wraps in luke warm water (less that 30ºc) with mild detergent and a soft cloth or sponge. Also do this before first use.

Never expose your wraps to temperatures above 60ºc. Do not use in the microwave or dishwasher.

Do not wrap hot food or raw meat.

If you wrap an item to store in the fridge remember to use ‍‍‍it before it's due date. Any mould growing on food may transfer to the fabric if left too long.

‍‍‍Take care when unwrapping, peeling back with the edge rather than trying to rip it off in a hurry.‍‍‍

Hand wash and let them air dry before keeping them in your ‍‍‍drawer.